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Article Archives

The Scrap Bag
This is our tips and tricks section and a place for questions and answers from our readers. If you have a question or a tip you'd like to share, contact us.

Quilting and Sewing

How to do Paper-Piecing: A new quilting technique
by Shelly Hazard
Paper piecing has become a very popular technique in quilting. By using a paper pattern and sewing directly through the paper, you can make incredibly detailed quilting projects with ease. This article steps you through the basic technique of paper piecing with your sewing machine by giving you a pattern with which you can work along with the directions.

Quilt Olympics
by Shelly Hazard
Are you quilt meetings a bit too routine? Want to try something new to spice them up a bit? Try having a Quilt Olympics night and let the fun begin!

Stitchery and Needlework

Five Tips for stitching with stranded floss
by Shelly Hazard
Have you ever struggled to separate one strand of floss from the batch of six without getting them tangled? Does it drive you crazy when you use the right number of strands but the floss still isn't covering the fabric? Wish you could find a way to blend two colors better?

General Needlearts

Threading your needle can be easy!
by Shelly Hazard
How many times have you gone cross-eyed trying to thread your needle? Getting a piece of thread or floss through that tiny eye can be an exercise in frustration, and a discouragement to anyone just starting to learn needlework. Here's an alternate way of threading your needle that may solve your needle-threading blues.

History and Anecdotes

Seventeenth Century Needlework
by Anne Johnson
Women's lives and their needlework in the 17th century. Samplers are a form of needlework that help us learn about how the needlearts affected the lives of women during this early period.

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